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If nobody pushed or pulled us, we would be perfect circles instead of stars" ~Susan Obrant
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April 2014
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Weekly Weather April 21, 2014 

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche

“Nature will not let us stay in any one place for too long. She will let us stay just long enough to gather the experience necessary to the unfolding and advancement of the soul. This is a wise provision, for should we stay there too long, we would become too set, too rigid, too inflexible. Nature demands change in order that we may advance.” –Ernest Holmes

Our long awaited week, the Cardinal Cross Climax, has arrived. The climax takes place this week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We climax in the middle space of two powerful eclipses.  One eclipse was designed to WRAP UP emotional matters around and between ourselves and our various good and bad relationships ~ including with ourselves.  All of our relationships are reflections of our OWN chart.  We can and do choose the higher or lower forms of the energy as described by our chart.  The second eclipse, on April 29, is positioned to plant and grow all sorts of brand new things, including relationships, in our lives.  It answers to an exalted Venus in Pisces ~ so the desire to push past our boundaries will be strong and true.

Remember this week is EMOTIONAL!!  It will probably be DIFFICULT (if you don’t like the relationships you are working on) or EXCELLENT (if you DO like where you are going.) 

Most likely, it will be a blessed mix of both difficult and excellent emotions.  It WILL be action oriented.  Take positive actions. Move forward with a sense of interest and an open hearted wonder of how things can change.  If you are feeling very bad, remember it is a TEMPORARY situation that resolves next week.  No killing yourself or the other person.  They are reflections of WHERE YOU WERE ~they are not WHERE you have to STAY.  In fact, you are at a crossroads and won’t be able to stay there much past next week. It is time to move along.


The eclipses are still here! The eclipses are still here!  And the Cosmic Cardinal Cross Climaxes ~ say that fast three times! 


My friend Isabelle, an amazing shaman, had a lovely quote on her Facebook page:

By the nature of which you no longer fit into the collective paradigm (including families, workplaces, old friends or social circles you used to belong to) is the measure by which you have individuated and are fitting more truly to your authentic Self. That Self will always be vaster than your circumstances, your appearance, what you do for a living and by which you define yourself, your sense of worth or need for whatever worldly accomplishment. That Self knows no measuring, has no particular destination, it is just expanding into being and will take as much space within yourself, as you are consciously ready to make room for it. Every time you find yourself wondering why you feel like an outsider, remember that it is the sure sign that you are aligning to the right direction of your inner compass. You do not need to separate or even adhere to this misconstrued idea. All you have to do is include more of the true you into you and within you. Freedom is not about having the privilege of doing what we want, it is having less and less need to be defined and validated outside of ourselves by others… The less separate we are from our authentic self, creating union of the self with the self, the more at one we are with the world and the infinite…  Isabelle Pierre-Emile


And for the sad and weary among you, a brief passage from Thomas Keneally’s “Schindler’s List”:

“Where’s the electric fence?” Clara asked the woman.  To her distraught mind, it was a reasonable question to ask, and Clara had no doubt that the friend, if she had any sisterly feeling, would point the exact way to the wires.   The answer the woman gave was just as crazed, but it was one that had a fixed point of view, a balance, a perversely sane core.

“Don’t kill yourself on the fence, Clara,” the woman urged her.  “If you do that, you’ll never know what happened to you.”

It has always been the most powerful of answers to give to the intending suicide.   Kill yourself and you’ll never find out how the plot ends.   Clara did not have any vivid interest in the plot.  But somehow the answer was adequate.  She turned around.  When she got back to her barracks, she felt more troubled than when she’d set out to look for the fence.  But her Cracow friend had — by her reply — somehow cut her off from suicide as an option. 


The Week’s Planetary Highlights

Sun in Taurus is lolly-gaging about, loving, laughing and moving through commitments while answering to Venus exalted in Pisces.  Love is in the air ~ or at least a renewal of passion and desire.  Sun meets with Mercury so everyone is going to think THEY are right (and they ARE RIGHT ~ for THEM ~ not necessarily for YOU).  Sun connects with Neptune and creates abundance , fertile deep rich earth to grow your future and expand next weekend.

Mercury in Aries is assertive, sharp, piercing and direct. He doesn’t suffer fools well. Mercury shouts.  Mercury says mean things. Mercury is doing it to separate ~ dreams are difficult and murderous.  He connects and introduces you to new concepts or people this week. He enters Taurus on Wednesday and calms WAY DOWN!!  The back of the week is full of pleasant news and information on how to partner with your dreams. The beginning of the week?  Not so good…

Venus in Pisces, soft, psychic, melancholy, emotional and dreamy, separates from relationships that are NOT working for her early in the week.  D-I-V-O-R-C-E!  On Friday, she sets new rules and regulations ~ boundaries on Love as she works with Saturn. 

Mars is rocking this week. He travels through the Cardinal Cross bringing it to a Cardinal Cross CLIMAX.  It IS Mars the planet that rules sex after all!  We’ll be having a cosmic orgasm ~ what does a Cardinal Cross Climax look like?  More importantly, what does a Cosmic Cardinal Cross Climax FEEL like?  Get ready to have your world rocked!  People need climax, to leave and leave NOW! To move. To choose. To act. To get release. There will be lots of breaks up and deaths.  Check in with your loved ones and friends who are having a tough time emotionally or are challenged health wise.  First, Mars squares Jupiter, accelerating the energy, expanding it, pushing it forward. Next Mars opposes Uranus and breaks free, slipping over the edge. Finally, Mars squares Pluto ~ adding an element of power, control, danger and/or violence.  Similar to the moment of a regular sexual climax, there is a complete release of energy as you slide into the abyss of blankness and the involuntary release takes over. You pulse down into the energy and let go of the tension.  The planets above our heads are having a cosmic climax which means we down here on earth we will be have a cosmic climax too…. We will be LETTING GO ~ don’t hang on.  Loosen your grip. Evolve.  Scorpio and Aries planets and houses are still in retreat, wanting to move away.  Once Mars starts to move forward again, after May 20, there will be an opportunity for reunion.

Jupiter gets stimulated by Mars and then caressed by Venus. Allow the expansion that wants to take place to happen.  Let go and let it roll….

Uranus squares Pluto for 5 of 7 squares. This week URANUS rules.  Change is happening, like it or not!  Power backs off and takes a silent role, watching Uranus ruling chaos, change, independence and freedom take over.

Pluto gets set off by Moon and Mars as the climax takes place. He has his fifth of seven squares from Uranus.  Evolve. Change. Let go.  Pluto/Uranus squares triggers geocosmic events like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Watch the hotspots in YOUR life start to evolve permanently. Turn the heat down a bit and set it a simmering.

Neptune wants to deny the patterns he is seeing. That can’t happen much longer. If it does, you are going to have to walk away.

Pallas wants to let go of old patterns and things that no longer serve you! Do it!Let go….

Juno might take a conservative approach to partnerships… set conditions. Then let go. Changes have to happen by May 20.  Juno enters Taurus and she wants to ground partnerships into reality.  Let relationships change. If you change, they change.

Ceres opposes Eris so you are going to be fighting with your mother or the mothering principle~ Time to change how you nurture things so you get a better result. Increase your own self care!


Void Moons in the Week Ahead: When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns. Kick back, let life flow and center yourself. Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon goes Void Square to Mercury on Monday April 21, 2014 at 07:21:39 pm EDT.  Moon Enters Aquarius on Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 00:19:03 am EDT.  Moon is Void Monday evening.

Moon goes Void Square to Saturn on Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 12:11:32 pm EDT. Moon Enters Pisces on Thursday April 24, 2014 at 02:56:10 am EDT.  Moon is void Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Moon goes void joined to Venus on Friday Apr 25 2014 at 04:03:56 pm EDT. Moon Enters Aries on Saturday April 26, 2014 at 06:01:47 am EDT.  Moon is void Friday late afternoon and night.

Moon goes Void Square to Jupiter on Sunday April 27, 2014 at 07:02:41 am EDT. Moon is void all day Sunday.


Eclipse season runs until May 14, 2014.  The Full Moon Eclipse was last Monday night at 25 Libra/Aries.  It finishes up the story from the last eclipse season (October 4 to November 17, 2013) and the previous fall, October 18, 2012.  It harkens back to April of 1995 and 1976 for similar events.  It starts a new story Taurus/Scorpio houses at the end of the month.

Eclipses make us feel we HAVE TO DO something! Often the thing we HAVE TO DO something about is a long standing issue or situation which seems to reach critical mass.

This week our Cardinal Grand Cross climaxes and perfects. Think of it as a giant cosmic orgasm this week!!  You know that building and building energy where you are right on the edge?  So ride the baby! It will be a whopper! It’s a Cardinal Cross Climax!  Woohee!

If you have planets in your chart, in the 12 to 14 degree area, they are receiving the energy and Cardinal Cross Climax energy.  The energy culminates and climaxes.  If you don’t have planets at those degrees, the HOUSES which contain 12 to 14 of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be receiving the energy and climaxing.  You only have to look around the world to see how rocking and rolling the cardinal energy is.   Cosmic Climaxes everywhere you look!

Moon Day Monday April 21, 2014  Moon in Capricorn goes Void Square to Mercury at 07:21:39 pm EDT. Moon is Void Monday evening.  Today Uranus squares Pluto  for the 5th time.  This time Uranus wins.  Change is here!  Change! Evolve!  The Climax starts.  Allow for revelations, ah-ha moments and wonderful new ideas to roll in. These planets are tough so there can be difficult news that accompanies their square.  It is a productive emotional day.  Last night dreams were rocking and rolling showing you old patterns for you to let go of.  You are reaching a new understanding around relationships and your role in creating the story before you. Venus in Gentle Pisces invites you to see their soul yet still hold them accountable… At 03:20:52 pm EDT, Uranus squares Pluto.  Be careful crossing the streets and driving.  There is a blessing inherent in this energy of change and evolution. Pluto, the power and control, is taking a back seat to Uranus who is pushing change, evolution, chaos and wild expansion in your life.  Health matters can flare and speak to you of places you need to change.  Tonight news about creativity or loss can arrive unexpectedly.  It is all part of the shifts taking place in your world and the environment around us.

Mars Day Tuesday April 22, 2014 Moon Enters Aquarius at 00:19:03 am EDT.  Moon goes Void Square to Saturn so the energy is detached, chilly, harsh and separating over the next two days.  Mercury and Juno connect starting a new, clear and direct style of communications.  Sun’s sextile to Hades brings dreams with drama to last night’s sleep.  Endings, releases and conclusions.  You see patterns with a different understanding and are able to let situations that no longer support your energy shift. You don’t have to let them go but you are going to shift how you approach them!  Unusual health matters arrive out of the blue.  Mercury connects with the Nodes of Fate so notice who you meet, what you hear and ideas that come your way.  They are important to your future. Contracts can be made today.   Watch out for people losing their heads!  Mars begins his retrograde journey through the Cardinal Cross to Climax the next two days. Be extra careful around fires, knives, metal, cars, moving vehicles and accidents. SLOW WAY DOWN! Look both ways before crossing the street.  Remember The OTHER GUY or GAL is ALSO having all this wild energy…. So take precautions!  Mars squares Jupiter adding accelerant ~ gasoline, kerosene, wild exuberance ~ to the energy of change.  Mars contraparallels Ceres so nurturing is kind of taking it on the chin ~ no comfort in the usual places. Double down on self-care… you have to take care of yourself right now. The other person can’t or won’t or doesn’t know how to.  Moon in Aquarius sends a crazy energy to Uranus in fire ~ NO UNATTENDED CANDLES!!!  Fire wants to leap its boundaries and spread.  Fast moving, emotional energy abounds.

Mercury’s Day Wednesday April 23, 2014  Moon in Aquarius goes Void Square to Saturn at 12:11:32 pm EDT so we continue to separate and release.  Moon is void Wednesday afternoon and evening. Mars continues to set off the Cardinal Cross as he opposes Uranus ~ sudden and unexpected accidents, break ups and break throughs.  Mercury enters Taurus for 14 days of focused, solid and earthy communications of a practical and acquisitive nature.  Mars squares Pluto for the final leg of the Cardinal Cross.  The intense energy will dissipate over the next few days. Fights break out of no place.  Mercury connects again with the Nodes of Fate by declination ~ take time today to separate from situations that no longer support your identity, life or path.  It is time. Health matters can flare up suddenly.  Take any change in your health seriously and go to a doctor immediately.  Juno dives into the South Node in Aries ~ relationships take it on the chin as we release the situations which are not helping us evolve. Lower form of Juno can surface today ~ jealous lovers with weapons or fire are a danger.  D-I-V-O-R-C-E!  Expect news of breakups, endings, severing, closings ~ we can have relationships with our workplace, landlords, friends, and neighbors that shift and end too.  Mercury’s sesquiquadrate to Chiron suggests words that hurt…. So no long drawn out goodbyes or departure speeches. Thank them for the contribution to your life and move on ~ quickly without turning your back on them!  Venus is contraparallel to Uranus is another separating energy later tonight.  Let desire go!  You’ll be surprised how fast it swirls off. And how good you actually feel that it is over.

Jupiter’s Day Thursday April 24, 2014  Moon Enters Pisces at 02:56:10 am EDT.  Moon goes void joined to Venus so the next few days are for emotional processing ~ either good or bad emotions will swell and carry you to the next chapter. Moon has very supportive aspects with Mercury, Sun and Neptune encouraging deep feelings, transcendence and a giant swirling energy of spirituality (or lower form depression) and deep connection (or lower form abandonment).  You come up with methods of communication previously unknown to you. Your ego is supported and buoyant, carried by the currents of energy to a transcendent merger with Neptune ~ connecting you to the inner divine source.  Whether the higher or lower form of Pisces, in whatever form, Pisces Moon and Venus want you to connect into a deeper part of your being and surrender to the energy of transcendence, transformation, redemption, restoration, renovation, salvation and recovery.  Allow the healing energy of the heavens to soak your soul the next two days. Step into the deep immersion space, dissolve into the healing waters of unity and interconnectedness. Dreams are strong and clear in their imagery of transcendence.  Allow yourself to connect  into the space of wholeness. Health matters can flare up. Go to the doctor immediately instead of retreating to your bed. There can be many tears ~ good and bad tears.

 Venus’ Day Friday April 25, 2014  Moon in Pisces goes void joined to Venus at 04:03:56 pm EDT. Another day of swirling healing and releasing energy as the Moon gently aspects the earth and water parts of the Cardinal Cross, softening the energy. Dreams are might potent last night as your being sought to process the events of the past few weeks. Mars dances with Neptune encouraging your deeper understanding of the various facets of your life as a harmonious source of your being and heart’s growth. We are composed of all the previous experiences. Be silent and listen. My friend Nick pointed out silent and listen share the same letters. Be silent and listen to your inner wisdom. Venus’ trine to Saturn suggests you are setting boundaries and frameworks around love.  Look at the place of shame or depression inside of you. See how it actually is part of your life work. Fueled by the energy of Saturn, look at your shame and depression as well as accepting it, working with it, and understanding it from the point of what it GAVE to you. Part of the energy of moving forward is working with Saturn with an attitude of gratitude. Do your Saturn today. Again healing energies are swirling ~ as well as illness energies so take health matters seriously and go to the doctor. Allow endings to support and sustain you. Sun’s union with Mercury today means that everyone thinks THEY are right ~ and they are right ~ for THEM.  You are right for YOU….allow yourself to stand in the rightness of your being.

 Saturn’s Day Saturday April 26, 2014  Moon Enters Aries at 06:01:47 am EDT. Moon goes Void Square to Jupiter causing an emotional overdoing to events today and tomorrow. There are adjustments in how you take care of yourself and others. Notice where you are feeling irritated or envious as a source of what you might consider changing in the days ahead. Venus and Eris are working together to inspire and guide you through irritation or envy… not always a pleasant way to be inspired but it does work. Juno enters Taurus, grounding the partnership energy into fixed, solid growth oriented energy until June 17.  It is time to commit and ground the future dreams in reality over the next few days.  Ceres fights with Eris ~ look at where envy is rearing its head or heart and take notice ~ perhaps you want to shift your relationship to the matter?  Mercury’s aspect to Neptune waters and fertilizes the forward moving growth. Think of how the flowers bloom during the time of Taurus ~ areas of your life want to bloom so encourage them to take off. It is your life. You’ve been working hard to separate the various parts of your being into components that can help you reach your dreams.  The moment is here!  (Well actually next Tuesday but get ready for it this weekend!).  Your life and desires are aching to be supported and fed by the dreams of your heart. If it  is in your chart, it is in your heart. No more backing down or not going for your dream because you are afraid, ashamed or discouraged. Give yourself permission to fly!

 Sun’s Day Sunday April 27, 2014  Moon in Aries and goes Void Square to Jupiter at 07:02:41 am EDT.  Moon is void all day Sunday in Aries making today a terrific day to tackle projects that are thankless but necessary. Moon in Aries goes once more through the Cardinal Cross and remembers the climax during the dreams that took place last night. Note the change in the energy since the beginning of the week. The cross is separating and releasing its considerable energy. While you might not have had a specific event, the workings of the cross are deep and true inside your being, guiding you forward to your next chapter. The crossroads has been crossed. We now start down the next path of our life. Take time today during the long void moon to process the past month of events and energies. Allow your dreams to soar. See them dancing like a kite in the lovely spring sky. Renewal is here! Chiron encourages you to self-nurture today to take care of your energy and your heart. Deep emotions swirl as the ocean of energy reacts to the shift and transformation as the planets separate. There can be a permanent change in your groups and connections. Change a tiny thing and the pattern starts to shift. Permanent pattern changes are available to you now. All is moving forward. The earth never stops spinning forward.


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